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9502 - 8.2hp Full Mod 30.5cc TR/OBR 4 Bolt Long Rod Reed Case Engine

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List Price: $1,006.19
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Part Number: OBR9502
Manufacturer: Oneill Brothers
Manufacturer Part No: OBR9502
This Motor Comes Standard with the CY Clutch and will work for the Baja Vehicles, MCD Vehicles and Losi Vehicles.
This engine will come with a Wt-990 carb and CY fancover for a direct fitment into an HPI Baja, Losi and most other large scale rc cars. Available with out clutch or with the correct clutch for a direct fitment into your large scale car. 

We are extremely proud to release the TR/OBR 4 bolt reed case. To start, we would like to thank Dave at Turtle Racing and Yamadude for all of their hard work that it took to make this happen! Dave has spent countless hours and late nights designing the many prototypes that we went through making these cases to perfection.

Short teaser video l  More video will be available soon. 

This is not a knock off or slight redesign of any current reed engine. Though there are only so many things that could be changed while still being able to fit into our 1/5th scale cars, there is a lot more that has gone into these cases than most will realize. Yamadude stepped in to assist and was a huge help with design and flow bench testing. Many prototypes had to be made to achieve the ideal intake track for the best possible flow.


Between the help of Dave and Yamadude, that gave us the tools we needed to give you all more power! For those of you not familiar with our history we are coming up on our 10th year in business. We take a lot of pride in every engine that ships out of the OBR warehouse and we feel this one really reflects what we are capable of building. The development of this case took several months, a lot of labor, testing on our dyno, in-car testing and we could not be more pleased with the final product. We have seen horsepower and torque numbers we never thought possible out of engines this size. We are seeing quite a bit more torque and rpm’s as good, if not better than, our piston port long rod engines. 


These cases are designed to be used exclusively with a +3mm long rod crankshaft and may not be used with a non long rod crankshaft. In able to offer you a better product, we’ve chosen to not use a crankcase gasket. This allows for tighter tolerances and higher reliability when a good sealant such as Yamabond is used. The deck height has been raised 3mm to prevent the need of a cylinder spacer. One standard gasket is all that is necessary.


As an option, you may choose to add a TR/OBR sealed clutch housing. When choosing this option, we will install three open crankcase bearings into your reed case. This option also allows for a direct fitment into any HPI Baja or Losi 5-ive T.


One of our favorite features is the three piece case design. Over our many years with large scale rc cars, we’ve seen our fair share of cracked crankcases. The TR/OBR reed case has a replaceable fan cover mount incase you ever crack or break it. This is a much cheaper alternative to replacing the whole or half case.


To top everything off, we’ve chosen Boyesen reed petals. We’ve also kept in mind that there’s more than just HPI’s out there. This engine will fit any HPI Baja, Losi 5-ive T, MCD’s, FG’s and most other large scale rc cars.

We at OBR feel the 30.5cc reed case is one of the best-balanced engines we have ever engineered. We’ve seen a lot more torque than we’ve seen out of an engine this size while still reving over 20,000 rpms. We expect to have more options in the future, but this one is going to be hard to top. Fully ported with all of the bells and whistles your used to from our fully modified engines. 

Tech note: Both the CY & TR/OBR  clutch can be used for an HPI Baja, Losi, Rampage etc. Choose a Zenoah clutch for an MCD or FG.

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