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NITRO Power Additive for Gasoline & Alcohol 16oz.

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Part Number: KL-600
Manufacturer: Klotz
Manufacturer Part No: KL-600

Klotz NITRO is an oxygenating power additive developed for gasoline and methanol alcohol fuels. NITRO is designed to extract the maximum level of horsepower from stock and modified engines. Contains 50% Nitropropane and 50% Koolinal™ as a blending and cooling agent. Koolinal resists detonation and pre-ignition. Dyno test indicate  substantial power increases may be obtained when using Klotz NITRO.

• Nitro provides up to 7% increase in horsepower

• Improves throttle response and acceleration

• Increased horsepower and torque

• Blends with gasoline and methanol alcohol

• Designed for stock and modified engines


2/4-stroke gasoline/methanol alcohol

***May not be a legal power additive in sanctioned racing events.***






Specific Gravity:

.960 @ 60 Degrees F





All gasoline, methanol alcohol, synthetic lubricants and petroleum oils. Take several spark plug readings to verify jet settings and correct heat range spark plug. A colder heat range spark plug is recommended.


4-Stroke Engines: Use 4 oz NITRO per gallon, increase jets by 4 sizes. For high compression engines retard timing 2 degrees.

2-Stroke Engines: Use 2 oz NITRO per gallon, up to a maximum of 4 oz per gallon. Increase jets by 4 to 6 sizes.

Heat is a limiting factor, excess heat will cause engine damage. Reduce the percentage of nitro to lower engine temperature and prevent engine damage.


Every application is different, additional tuning may be required to achieve maximum power.



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