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CAT5 - 30.5cc Race Ported "Stroker" Motor Zenoah Head

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Part Number: CAT30.5PortedZEN
Configuration: -BlackWT-668-Std.Flywheel
Manufacturer: CAT 5
Manufacturer Part No: CAT30.5PortedZEN


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This motor is a Monster!  This is our new 30.5cc Race Ported "stroker" hybrid motor that features a Zenoah 36mm 4-bolt cylinder mounted onto the F270 crankcase. The Zenoah cylinder is used on this motor due to the high quality cylinder plating and the F270 crankcase is used because of it's large transfer port openings.  The cylinder ports have been modified, reshaped, and enlarged for greater performance. The cylinder and crankcase have been port-match machined for optimal fuel / air delivery.   This engine has a 2mm stroker crankshaft.  The top of the piston has been turned down & smoothed on a lathe for proper squish clearance at TDC without stacking gaskets.  The ring groove has been modified (releaved) to resist lean seizures due to piston head expansion.  This motor is rated at 5+ HP. This engine has brutal bottom-end torque with good top RPM.  Engine comes with WT-668 carb and clutch with 8,000 RPM spring. 
***Due to the high compression of this engine, you MUST use 91+ octane gasoline or racing fuel up to 116 octane.***
Carburetor Settings:   Low Needle 1+1/4 turns, High Needle 1+5/8 turns (these setting may vary)
Recommended Oil:  Klotz R50 Synthetic 25:1 Ratio (5 fl.oz. oil / 1 gal. gasoline)

Engine Options:

Lightened Flywheel:  A lightened flywheel will allow the engine to spool-up faster and maintain a higher RPM due to less drag on the flywheel blades. 
For more performance, add the WT-257 or WT-990 carb and a tuned pipe. 


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