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0059 - Snapper Clutch Tuning Kit for 1/5 Scale 5ive-T, DBXL, HPI Baja - Turtle Racing

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Part Number: TUR0059
Manufacturer: Turtle Racing
Manufacturer Part No: TUR0059

Turtle Racing Snapper Tuning Kit

Here's a guideline for the tuning kit and how each part of it works, but I will not give engagement RPMs for any further changes, there are several combinations available with the tuning kit.

The clutch as packaged comes with #1 weights and .050 springs (uncolored/raw).

The tuning kit includes:

.047 Black Springs (Lower engagement than packaged clutch)

.054 Green Springs (Higher engagement than packaged clutch)

.058 Gold Springs (Highest engagement)

#2 Weights=slightly more holding leverage than #1-might grab faster/may change engagement RPM-alters the "feel"

#3 Weights=more holding leverage than #1 and #2-good for higher HP/ engagement RPM changes-can still be used on lower HP motors to alter the "feel"

#4 Weights=most holding leverage of all-good for higher HP most severe conditions/ engagement RPM changes-can still be used on lower HP motors to alter "feel"



Something VERY important to remember here, all  4 weights actually weigh exactly the same. #4 weighs the same as #1. We did not alter the weights by changing how much they weigh. We changed the shape of the weight to get different affects. Changing the amount that the weight- weighs, would only change engagement RPM (and could greatly reduce holding power/leverage). We use different size springs to change RPM. So please, NEVER modify your weights! 

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